Kumhars/Prajapati of Maharashtra

Maratha(kshatriya) kumbhar is the sub cast of Maratha clan. They are prominently found in western Maharshtra and konkan part of Maharashtra state. In western maharashtra they are situated in districts pune, solapur, satara, sangali, kolhapur, ahamadnagar and In konkan districts mainly raigad, ratnagiri. They are also present in Goa state in significant numbers. They were served for creation of maratha nation in the era of shivaji maharaj. They were given jahangiri (award given by king in the form of Land) for their bravery. After foundation of Maratha state later on their families have started business like bricks industries, making idols, farming and pottery.

Most of the Maratha kumbhar have their surname as kumbhar. In western maharastra their surnames are kumbhar, raje, shirke, patil, jadhav,kale etc. while in konkan side their surnames are mostly derived from their village name. In konkan side their surnames are kumbhar, salvi and derived from village name. In Goa state and konkan side most of Maratha kumbhar are having their surname as Shet indicating Rich family.In some families men proudly use Rav after their name which is indication of Maratha clan. Their family businesses differ in different districts of maharashtra. Like in Raigad, some part of navi Mumbai Maratha kumbhar make ganesh idols as "Ganesh Ustav" is the big festivel celebrated in Raigad and Mumbai, also in konkan side. Pen a Taluka in Raigad District is famous for making of Ganesh idols. Apart from this konkani Maratha kumbhar also involved in farming and most of them are having brick industries. In western maharasthra district Maratha kumbhar are usually having brick industries and do farming. Maratha kumbhar made matrimonial alliances with other maratha clans. They are khstriya community so prefer maratha clan for marriages. There are other kumbhars which are not belonged to Maratha clan lives in maharashtra and have occupation of making idols and pots.