Kumhars of North India

The Kumhars of Kangra (Jammu & Kashmir) appear richest, however, to be also known as Desi, and only their women wear gold nose-rings which is now a long tradition followed by many women in India. Their gots are Danial, Gan-gotra and Sonal. In Maler Kotla the Pajawagars are said to be Desi, there being no Marwaris in the State, and this Desi group is further sub-divided into Mahars and Golas. In Jind (Haryana) these two sub-divisions of the Desi group are also found, the Mahar being also called Maru. In Himachal Pradesh in some places the people of Kumhar community are the priest/pujaris of holy swarna Hindu Devtas Temples and are considered at par with Brahmin and make matrimonial alliances with Kanet(Thakurs) mainly in upper Solan,Shimla and Kullu Distt. Higher caste Brahmins accept Kachha & Pakka food only from Kumhar community members. Kumhars are considered swarna and are of Kshatriya origin in Hindu Verna Hierarchy. There are Lamberdars and Jaminders are also in some places. Moreover, in some places, the head of the family is worshiped like Thakur (God) by vaish community in some holy occasions. The verma/verman surname is commonly used by Kumhar community members. In Delhi Gotra of Kumhars are Gola, Tandewal, Sarotia, Beriwal, Dubaldhania