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    • Brijesh Kumar Prajapati

      Brijesh Kumar Prajapati

      I did MBA from Pune, India. Currently working as a marketing manager.

      Location: Delhi

      • Jitendra N Prajapati, PhD, PDF

        List of Prajapati Dharamshala / Guest House / Hostels in Delhi

        "Dharamsala" literally means "a spiritual dwelling" and in loose translation as a shelter or rest house for pilgrims and travellers. Traditionally, such dharamshalas (pilgrims' rest houses) were commonly constructed near pilgrimage destinations (often in remote areas) to g...

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        • Proud Prajapati

          NGT pollution ban looms large over Delhi Potter’s Colony, is that just justifiable ?

          An Uttam Nagar colony, Kumhar-ki-Gali which houses over 500 potter families has recently come under the NGT’s scanner for contributing to air pollution in New Delhi. The process which is considered 100% organic uses clay ovens or kilns which are fuelled by burning wood husk releases harmful...

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