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    • Jitendra N Prajapati, PhD, PDF

      Prajapati surname in Gujrat, India

      We are called the Prajapati community. There is a large number of Prajapati community living around the globe. The larger portion of our Community has been divided into different parts of the country. In Gujarat, the whole prajapati community is divided mostly in under-mentioned groups: &nb...

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      • Proud Prajapati

        Proud Prajapati

        A Prajapati Bandhu from Gujrat 

        Location: Gujrat

        • Proud Prajapati

          Kumhar/Prajapati of Gujrat

               The large number of Prajapati Community people live all around the world. Amongst them, the Prajapati Community of Gujrat is considered to be highly educated.    The Prajapati Community population in India alone is approximately 7 million, in Gujarat; the who...

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