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      Kumhars/Prajapati of Punjab

      The Hindu Kumhars of the south-east Punjab are divided into two main groups: Gola and Mahar; traditionally Some Mahars in Jind claim to be the pure descendants of the sage Kuba (or Kubha) Bhagat. The Punjabi Kumhars have the following surnames (many of these surnames are also found among oth...

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        Kumhars/Prajapati of Haryana

        The Kumhars of Sirsa are divided into the Jodhpuria, from Jodhpur, who use the furnace or bhathi and are generally mere potters, and the Bikaneri or Desi, from Bikaner who use kilns (pajawas), but are chiefly agricultural and look down upon the potter's occupation as degrading.The Kumhars of ...

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          Kumhars/Prajapati of Maharashtra

          Maratha(kshatriya) kumbhar is the sub cast of Maratha clan. They are prominently found in western Maharshtra and konkan part of Maharashtra state. In western maharashtra they are situated in districts pune, solapur, satara, sangali, kolhapur, ahamadnagar and In konkan districts mainly raigad, rat...

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